Using SAT Scores

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All U.S. colleges, and higher education institutions around the world, accept SAT scores for recruitment, admission, placement, scholarships, research, and advising.

Your college might benefit from using SAT scores to:

  • Better understand other information in an applicant's folder, such as grades and courses taken.
  • Include as one element in an admission index used to determine basic qualifications or for preliminary screening.
  • Identify students who might benefit from special advisors, developmental programs, and persistence support.
  • Recruit students through the Student Search Service® or from among those who have sent scores.
  • Provide SAT score information in promotional materials (such as the middle 50 percent of all applicants, accepted students, or enrolled freshmen) so students understand how they might fit in on campus.
  • Conduct research that identifies which characteristics used in decision making predict success in course placement, completion of freshman year, and/or graduation.

Free Custom Analysis

Request the College Board’s Admitted Class Evaluation Service™ (ACES) and find out which measures best predict a student’s future performance at your college. Admission validity studies and placement validity studies are both available.