Collaboration with Higher Education

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College Board members — including national experts in higher education and leaders in enrollment and financial aid — provided vital input on the SAT redesign and implementation plan.

To collect feedback, we conducted a listening tour in 2013, holding 80+ campus meetings and engaging with 220 institutions at various regional and national conference sessions. After the tour, we engaged with more than 1,600 colleges via campus meetings, in-person workshops, and webinars.

The College Board’s Board of Trustees; the SAT Committee; and our three national assemblies — Guidance and Admission Assembly Council, Academic Assembly Council, and the College Scholarship Service Assembly Council — also provided oversight, feedback, and guidance.

Higher Education Working Group

The Higher Education Working Group provides feedback about the test design, the redesigned SAT’s scoring, implementation, validity and concordance, and communications.

This group also ensures that a diverse set of colleges and universities are involved in the discussion and in considering key success factors and potential risks.

The Working Group’s members, listed below, represent enrollment leaders from a wide variety of institutions. Their insight continues to inform implementation.

Higher Education Working Group Member
John Barnhill, Chair Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management Florida State University
Mary Adams Associate Director of Admissions Pennsylvania State University
Pamela Agoyo Director, American Indian Student Services, Special Assistant to the President for American Indian Affairs University of New Mexico
José Aviles Director of Admissions SUNY University at Buffalo
Robert Barkley Director of Undergraduate Admissions Clemson University
DeAngela Burns-Wallace Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies University of Kansas
Doug Christiansen Vice Provost for University Enrollment Affairs, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Vanderbilt University
Omar Correa Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management University of Nebraska – Omaha
Stephanie Dupaul Vice President for Enrollment Management University of Richmond
Kevin Dyerly Vice President of Enrollment University of Redlands
Zina Evans Vice President for Enrollment Management and Associate Provost University of Florida
Karen Foust Executive Vice President for Enrollment  Hendrix College
Stephen J. Handel Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Admissions University of California
Pam Horne Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Purdue University
Kedra Ishop Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management University of Michigan
Kerri Johnston Associate Dean of Enrollment and Director of Undergraduate Admissions University of Massachusetts Lowell
Heather McDonnell Director of Financial Aid (retired) Formerly of Sarah Lawrence College
Rodney Morrison Associate Provost for Enrollment and Retention Management SUNY University at Stony Brook
Jim Nondorf Vice President, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid University of Chicago
Logan Powell Director of Admission Princeton University
Jeremiah Quinlan Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Yale University
Stu Schmill Dean of Admissions Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michael Shackleford Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Norfolk State University
Jeremy Spencer Dean of Enrollment Management Framingham State University
Carey Thompson Vice President for Enrollment and Communications, Dean of Admission Rhodes College
Ronne Turner Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions Northeastern University