The SAT and Higher Education

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First administered in 1926, the SAT was created to democratize access to higher education for all students and to ensure that all students had a chance to go to college. Today, the SAT serves as both a measure of students’ college readiness and as a valid and reliable predictor of college outcomes.

When used in combination with high school GPA, SAT scores are shown to be the best predictor of a student's likelihood to succeed in college. The SAT is among the most rigorously researched and designed tests in the world. It provides colleges and universities with valuable information about college readiness.

The SAT is part of the SAT Suite of Assessments and is taken by roughly two million high school graduates a year. It is accepted or required at nearly all four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. Developed with input from high school teachers, college faculty, and enrollment professionals, the SAT covers core content areas deemed essential for success in college—reading, writing and language, and mathematics.


Higher Education Resources

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Understand the Validity of the SAT

As part of the SAT Suite of Assessments, the SAT provides valid, reliable data for colleges and universities seeking students who will enroll and succeed at their institution. Learn more about Test Validity and Design or sign up to take part in the National Validity Study.

Leverage Rich Data

The College Board has produced a set of concordance tables to help you and your staff understand the SAT scores you are receiving from students. We also have detailed the SAT’s score structure so you can get insight into discrete skill sets and overall student readiness.

Scoring and Concordance

Use the SAT on Your Campus

High school GPA is inflating at an unprecedented rate. The SAT allows you to make informed, strategic admission decisions, that are reliable year-over-year, helping to create a student body that's better prepared for college and more diverse.

SAT and College Enrollment