After Test Day

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The test might be over, but test coordinators still have a few to-dos.

Return Answer Sheets ASAP

It’s critical to return answer sheets to the College Board no later than the next school day after test day. Failing to do so could:

  • Delay scoring
  • Prevent PSAT/NMSQT takers from entering the National Merit™ Scholarship Program

Keep the test books students used, and store them until scores are released. Give them to students along with score reports so they can look up questions.

Download the Supervisor Manual

 File for Download

Supervisor Manual for the 2018 PSAT 10

The guide provides detailed procedures to follow before, during, and after the PSAT 10 administration, including the test day script and important checklists.


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Paying For the Test

Schools order tests and send payments to the College Board; students do not. 


Schools pay these fees:

  • PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10 test books: $16
  • Unused test books: $4 for each unused test book exceeding 20 percent of the total ordered
  • International shipping surcharge: $6 per test
  • Extra set of score reports (optional): $100
  • Score labels (optional): $100

Note: All schools receive one paper score report per student and can print additional score reports as well as score labels at no cost.

Calculating Payment

How much schools pay depends on factors including these quantities:

  • Tests ordered
  • Tests used
  • Fee waivers applied

Invoice Schedule and Fee Waiver News

We’re changing the invoice process and schedule so that in the future fee waiver–eligible PSAT/NMSQT takers can access their SAT fee waiver benefits directly. Here’s the 2017-18 invoice schedule and details about the new process.

October 2017

As in past years, schools that don’t use fee waivers and don’t need to make grade-level adjustments begin the invoice process after testing is complete. They’ll sign in to the test ordering site and answer a few questions.

Their answers will be used to calculate their school’s bill. The site will include full details about sending payment.

December 2017

Schools that request fee waivers—even if the fee waivers aren’t used—and schools that need to make grade-level adjustments can begin the invoice process December 4.

Schools that use fee waivers sign in to the test ordering site and select fee waiver–eligible students from a roster. The number of fee waivers used must match the number of names selected. If schools skip this step, they (or the institution paying) will be billed for all students.

January 2018

The deadline for identifying fee waiver–eligible students and making grade-level adjustments is January 16. Final invoices are sent in late January.