Organize a Practice Test

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Better Takes Practice

In addition to encouraging students to use Official SAT Practice, simulate the test day experience for them so they feel extra confident on test day. In a study done through a pilot program in 2018, we found that students who spent some of their time doing a practice test gained more points than students who practiced for the same amount of time but did not do a practice test.

Whether you choose to have your students take a practice test online or with paper and pencil, they can all connect their results to Official SAT Practice.

Then, Khan Academy® will update students' personalized practice plan to make sure it focuses on the areas they need the most help with as test day approaches.

Option A: Online Practice Tests

Reserve laptops or the school computer lab and direct students to Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy.

  • Provide students with scrap paper and pencils for math problems.
  • Review with students how to answer grid-in questions in the math section.
  • Remember to review the approved calculator list so students can practice with the same tools they'll use on test day.
  • Set aside about four hours for students to take the test.
  • Optional: Set aside time with students to review their results and the answer explanations for the questions they missed, or encourage them to review their results on their own.

Option B: Paper-and-Pencil Practice Tests

Other Ideas for Practice Test Day

  • Review with students:
  • Have students practice getting ready for test day by encouraging them to:
    • Eat a good dinner.
    • Get a good night’s sleep.
    • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Have students reflect on their practice test experience:
    • Did they have enough time to finish all sections?
    • Did they get distracted during the test?
    • Did they feel hungry? Nervous? Sleepy?