Spread the Word About Official SAT Practice

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Official SAT Practice helps students focus on exactly the areas they need to work on most. A study of 250,000 students from the class of 2017 showed that a little practice goes a long way—regardless of gender, race, income, or high school GPA. In fact, 20 hours on Khan Academy® was associated with an average 115-point increase from the PSAT/NMSQT to the SAT.

Get fellow educators, parents, and your students on Official SAT Practice for free.

How You Can Spread the Word

Use the following resources to help you start communicating why Official SAT Practice is the best way to help students feel confident going into test day.

Digital Promotion Kit

The Digital Promotion kit contains files that you can modify to create your own banner ads, bus ads, flyers, posters and social media posts. It also includes a guide that outlines consistent visuals and messaging for promoting Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy to students, parents, and counselors. It includes examples from districts around the country that are doing a great job promoting SAT practice—which just might give you some ideas of your own.

Social Media Language

We live in a digital world. Use this sample language to spread the word about Official SAT Practice through any of your social media channels.

  • Juniors: Don’t forget - sign up for free SAT Practice tools on @KhanAcademy at satpractice.org
  • Seniors: The @OfficialSAT is coming up! Get ready today at satpractice.org
  • The best place to prepare for the @OfficialSAT is satpractice.org. Get started today!
  • Parents: Encourage your children to get ready for the SAT at satpractice.org. It’s free and personalized for every student! #SATPractice


Show these videos to students, parents, and other educators to help them see the benefits of Official SAT Practice.

  • Confidence—nothing builds it like practice.
  • Watch educators and students from Chicago Public Schools talk about using Official SAT Practice to get ready for the SAT and college.
  • Better Takes Practice. Hear how five students from Oak Ridge, Florida stayed motivated to get ready for the SAT.