Special Circumstances

Learn how to register, how to request testing accommodations, and what ID you need if any of these circumstances apply to you.

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Section Topics

Students with Disabilities

Find out what to do if you have a disability and want to test with accommodations.

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Home-Schooled Students

Learn about registration, required documents, and eligibility for free testing.

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Younger Students

See important rules for students under 13 and students in eighth grade and below.

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Test-Takers Over the Age of 21

Find out the ID requirements for adults taking the SAT.

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Requesting Sunday Testing

Here's what to do if you can't test on a Saturday for religious reasons.

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Testing Closer To Home

If you live at least 75 miles from the test center, you can request a new one.

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SAT Waitlist

If you missed the registration deadline, you can request a spot on the waitlist.

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